Web Cam v2

A while back I wrote this blog about web cams.  It included information about Wyzecam, which is now officially my favorite webcam.  In that post, I got the prices wrong (at least I hope I did).  That post says 39.99 on Amazon and 29.99 on wyzecam.com.  The price was 29.99 on amazon (retail price) and 19.99 on wyzecam.com.  That is still the price, but now the camera is better.  Wyze came out with version 2 (v2) of their webcam (hence the name of this post) and the tech is better, but the price is the same. The tech: So what […]

My Apple Watch stand for Home

I got tired of putting my Apple watch down on my night table by itself and not be able to see it, unless I propped it against something else.  I went looking, on amazon of course, for a stand that would hold up my watch and charge it the same time.  I have something at work that does just this, but I wanted something for home.  The one I found fit the ticket perfectly.  It was not too much and all it required was your own apple watch charger that fit right into it. Here it is pictured on the […]


Some years ago I invested in the Nymi Band.  It was supposed to be a device that would unlock nearly anything and was tied to your heartbeat.  The biggest problem is that I still don’t have one (they did send me some cool stickers and I get email updates every so often, but I never received the band).  So when I saw this device, called everkey, I purchased one.  I am still waiting to receive it, but I am betting I will get this before I see the Nymi.  It was apparently developed by John McAfee, yeah the guy who […]

The Drive Caddy

You may ask, “What is a drive caddy and why would you need it?”  Good questions, which I asked for you so I could get this article started.  A drive caddy definition can be found on wikipedia, but it is simply a way to “mount” an internal drive externally. Let me explain.  If you have an internal hard drive (HDD or SSD) that is either suspect or needs to be mounted as if it was an external drive, I can put it in the external drive bay or caddy and mount it from there.  The caddy can turn the drive […]

Web Cams

Webcams A while ago, the webcam I was able to find was this little USB webcam.  This one was a cute little webcam, although the quality was not what we are used to today, it was excellent for the time. The First It has a built-in microphone as well.  I did have to attach it, via a USB cable to my computer. Eventually, that computer became another computer and then a laptop and then another laptop and finally a QNAP Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.  The NAS doesn’t like it plugged in, rather it looks for a WiFi enabled camera. […]

The Communicator or just a nerd at heart

What I’m talking about, or for the uninitiated – Star Trek I “promised” in a previous post that I would eventually get to this.  The actual concept of a communication device that would fit in the palm of your hand was seen in Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS).  The series ran from 1966-1969.  What took place in this series and the impact of it was well, monumental and has been the subject of many, many different scholarly and fan treatises. The object – an “Original” Communicator Why Many years ago, my wife and I purchased the thing that, at […]

A long, long time ago, in a city not that far away …

Back then No I am not going to go all Star Wars in you, at least not now.  It was a considerable time ago when I was still in college.  I was at a rather small college in the middle of Boston, Massachusetts, called Northeastern University – Boston-Bouvé College.  There, I was pursuing a BS in elementary education.  There was one professor, who saw I had an aptitude for mathematics and liked things to be logical (he became my advisor).  He encouraged me to take a minor in Computer Science.  There was one difficulty, at the time there existed no […]

How much battery is enough?

The Problem I ALWAYS try to get a phone which will have a long lasting battery.  I am not always successful.  This lack of success is for 2 main reasons.  The first reason, and my biggest problem, is that I use my phone for virtually everything.  Since my job is in the information technology field, there are all kinds of IT apps on my phone, including such obscure things like databases for computers and, since I work in a Cancer Center, of NCI designated cancer centers.  There are more databases and there were nearly 1100 other apps until I paired […]

BlueTooth – My journey

I started off with a simple desire, an easy way to answer my phone and getting one of the BlueTooth devices which I really liked.  Just the idea of wireless communication between my device and anything else makes me think of Star Trek.  I started out, because it really wasn’t “necessary,” finding a lost bluetooth earpiece on the street,  This wasn’t the kind that went into your ear canal, but rather over one’s ear.  None the less I got it home and cleaned it thoroughly.  I had to buy a new behind the ear earpiece, because that was there, but […]

A USB Endoscope

There are gadgets and then there are, what I consider really cool gadgets.  This one falls into the latter category.  I saw it on a deals site (I don’t even remember which one) and it met my primary requirement – it was inexpensive.  But the lure didn’t stop there.  Not only is it inexpensive, it works like it is supposed to, and is useful (especially when I am trying to fix a computer and I either can’t tell what is inside or I drop a screw, more on that in another blog on magnetic screwdrivers).   So here I am with […]